Nissan+Designboom competition 2nd place.
Solasis loght tower.

Klaud and I participated this competition a month ago. It achieved 2nd place out of over 3000 designers over 96 different countries. :D It was fun to work with good teamwork and name
'Yong Klaud Van Damme'.

This concept ties the Nissan Qashqai closer to nature and toward an ecological contribution. A parked vehicle is wasting city space. This concept gives the car a conscience, it can contribute back and have more purpose throughout it’s daily use. Solasis is a solar light tower that generates electric power from sunlight by focusing concentrated solar radiation reflected from the Qashqai's photovoltaic panels and mirrors onto a heat exchanger mounted in the tower. That energy is then fed back into the grid powering vehicles and buildings.


Mercedes Steering wheel
Instinct layout is the priority of steering wheel's function buttons. Just focus on your driving!


Inside influence of shape
According to a Bernd Schmitt and Alex Simonson ’The Psychology of Shapes’, the use of shapes to convey, associate, communicate or reflect meaning has been evident throughout history, and is practiced today. Whether in 2D or 3D design, shapes and forms greatly affect our subconscious and are used to great effect by designers in order to convey the right messages.
Can you see it?..


sometimes... just do sketch without photoshop, enjoy the move of your pencle..